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GMF Queen Elizabeth

GMF Queen Elizabeth, in partnership with the MUHC, is working to ensure that patients have access to quality care in a timely manner. This center has been recognized by the Collège des médecins du Québec as an official training center. The two Family Medicine teams at the Royal Victoria Hospital and the Montreal General Hospital joined at the CSRE to provide effective medical care in a friendly and caring environment since May 2006.

The GMF Queen Elizabeth Urgent Care Clinic is also considered to be a super-clinic. The team offers medical services without an appointment 12 hours a day, every day.

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GMF Queen Elizabeth

2100, Marlowe Av.
Room 102
Montreal (Québec)  H4A 3L5
Phone: 514-485-5013

Dr. Henry Coopersmith's Office

550, Westmont Square
Room 1
Montreal (Québec)  H3Z 2P9
Phone: 514-737-1109

Hillside Familiy Medicine Centre

100, Metcalf St.
Montreal (Québec)  H3Z 2H4
Phone: 514-931-2162

Queen-Élizabeth Urgent Care Clinic
(12 hours per day)

2111, Northcliffe St.
Montreal (Québec)  H4A 3K6
Phone: 514-481-4343

Roper Medical Clinic

4500, Sherbrooke St. W.
Westmount (Québec)  H3Z 1E6
Phone: 514-937-8000